Jake Owen – Live at Encanterra®

April 28, 2018

April 28, 2018

Venue: Encanterra
Location: 36460 N Encanterra Dr, San Tan Valley, AZ 85140
About The Show

The Good Life Festival™ at Encanterra presents Jake Owen on Saturday, April 28th, 2018!

  • 12:00pm | Wine and Craft Beer Tasting, Music by TBD in the Model Home Gallery
  • 2:00pm | Venue Opens, Wine and Craft Beer Tasting at Venue
  • 2:15pm | Local Opener
  • 3:30pm | National Opener
  • 5:30pm | Jake Owen

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About Jake Owen

This year marks Owen’s tenth anniversary, a track record that is increasingly becoming a rarity in today’s popular music landscape. Since releasing his debut album on RCA Records in 2006, Startin’ with Me, he has become one of today’s most popular male country singers for his irresistible melodies, smooth vocals and laid-back attitude.

His second album, 2009’s Easy Does It, contained the singles “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You” and “Eight Second Ride” and led to him receiving the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Male Vocalist Award.

He landed his first No. 1 hit (and double platinum-selling single) with the title track of his third studio album, Barefoot Blue Jean Night, in 2011. That album also produced three more No. 1s—the platinum-selling “Alone with You,” the gold-selling “The One That Got Away,” and “Anywhere with You.” With the success of that album, he won Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2012 American Country Awards.

His fourth studio album, Days of Gold, was released in 2014 and contained the No. 1 hit “Beachin.” Along the way, he toured with artists including Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Little Big Town and Sugarland.

“When you look at my first album, I am the same in the kind of guy that I am and the kind of songs that I love,” he says. “But I am different in the sense that I know who I am now, as opposed to who I was on my first album. I was 24-years-old and just excited to have a record deal and be on tour with Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn. I don’t think I put as much emphasis on what my music meant.

Now, it isn’t just about making music anymore; it is about recording songs that mean not only a lot to me, but to my fans, who are expecting a lot of me. I have put a lot of thought into each of these songs and why they hit me the way they do and why I get excited when it comes up next on my set list. This is music I am honestly fired up to play for people. I don’t ever want to lose that excitement in my music.

When he began working on his fifth album, he initially felt compelled to attempt to make what he thought would be a cooler, hipper sound, as evidenced by the song “Real Life,” which was released to radio. However, he soon discovered that cool and trendy aren’t what matters; authenticity and truth are. “There is no reason to break the mold of what brought me to the party,” he explains. “What brought me to the party is what I do. Anytime I try to do something that isn’t me, it hasn’t worked so well. When I do what is the most comfortable and natural, it has done well.”

That’s why he has been truthful about the fact that the last few years haven’t always been easy for the good-time guru. He launched his first headlining tour and reach new career heights, got married and had a daughter, Pearl. But then, his father received a cancer diagnosis, he went through a divorce and the head of his record label was fired.

“I couldn’t pretend like bad things weren’t happening because everybody knew and I’m pretty transparent,” he says. “For the 90 minutes that I got to be on stage performing, I got a lot of pleasure and relief and escape from all of the things that were going on in my life. It was therapy for me. Music heals and not just for the fans and listeners. Most artists will tell you that the reason we became artists is because we need the healing process in our lives. I’m learning that others relate to what you are going through, coming to terms with the fact that life didn’t turn out the way you planned.”

During some of his dark times, he was inspired by a quote that said, “Be kind and gentle and loving to everyone because everyone is fighting their own kind of battle.” He says, “You can feel sorry for yourself, but everybody has something they are going through. Music truly seems to be the one thing that is the healing factor in a lot of people’s lives. I will always be grateful for music, whether I’m performing or listening.”

Learn more at JakeOwen.net.

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